1: "Plank Variations" Try different plank variations for a strong core.

2: "Crunches" Classic crunches never go out of style for ab toning.

3: "Russian Twists" Engage obliques with Russian twists for a sculpted waistline.

4: "Mountain Climbers" Burn calories with mountain climbers for a killer ab workout.

5: "Bicycle Crunches" Target lower abs with bicycle crunches for a defined midsection.

6: "Leg Raises" Challenge lower abs with leg raises for a toned stomach.

7: "Flutter Kicks" Flutter kicks are great for a quick ab workout.

8: "Plank Jacks" Combine cardio and core with plank jacks.

9: "Toe Touches" Reach for your toes with toe touches for a strong core.