1: Discover the 1804 Draped Bust dime, valued at $2 million.Bicentennial quarters are worth up to $18,000.

2: Unearth the 1874-CC Liberty Seated dime, worth $1.9 million.Rare quarters can fetch over $100,000.

3: Uncover the 1894-S Barber dime, valued at $1.32 million. Rare half dollars trade for as much as $1.5 million.

4: Explore the 1913 Liberty Head V nickel, worth nearly $4.5 million. Bicentennial dollar coins can exceed $3 million.

5: Reveal the 1943-S Mercury dime, valued at $3 million. Rare penny finds can bring in over $1 million.

6: Unlock the 1876-CC Twenty Cent Piece, worth $17,000. Rare half dollars have been sold for over $1 million.

7: Dive into the 1856-O Seated Liberty dime, valued at $690,000. Rare gold coins can fetch up to $7.6 million.

8: Experience the 1895 Proof Barber dime, worth nearly $1.5 million. Rare silver dollars go for $10 million and more.

9: Marvel at the 1804 Plain 4 Draped Bust dime, valued at over $1 million. Rare coins can change your life forever.