1: 1. Cookie sassily flipping her hair 2. Cookie rolling her eyes in disbelief 3. Cookie smiling mischievously 4. Cookie making a funny face 5. Cookie laughing hysterically

2: 6. Cookie shrugging with a smirk 7. Cookie giving a thumbs up 8. Cookie winking playfully 9. Cookie clapping excitedly 10. Cookie raising an eyebrow in curiosity

3: 11. Cookie pretending to be shocked 12. Cookie dancing with joy 13. Cookie blowing a kiss 14. Cookie fist-bumping in approval 15. Cookie facepalming in embarrassment

4: 16. Cookie raising the roof in celebration 17. Cookie doing a victory dance 18. Cookie giving a thumbs down disapprovingly 19. Cookie pretending to cry 20. Cookie looking confused and lost

5: 21. Cookie making a heart symbol with her hands 22. Cookie making a funny face with crossed eyes 23. Cookie acting like a diva 24. Cookie sticking out her tongue in a playful manner 25. Cookie pretending to faint in shock

6: 26. Cookie blowing raspberries in defiance 27. Cookie pretending to talk on the phone 28. Cookie clinking glasses in a toast 29. Cookie pretending to be a superhero 30. Cookie making a silly face with a pig nose

7: 31. Cookie pretending to be a model on a runway 32. Cookie doing a dramatic facepalm 33. Cookie pretending to be a rockstar 34. Cookie acting like a chef in the kitchen 35. Cookie making a goofy face with a peace sign

8: 36. Cookie pretending to be a news anchor 37. Cookie doing a funny impression of someone 38. Cookie pretending to be a magician 39. Cookie acting like a cowboy 40. Cookie making a surprised face with wide eyes

9: 41. Cookie pretending to be a pirate 42. Cookie doing a victory pose with fists in the air 43. Cookie acting like a ninja 44. Cookie making a scared face with hands over mouth 45. Cookie making a funny face with eyes crossed and tongue out