1: 1. "The Good Wife": A lawyer balances work and family in this gripping series. 2. "How to Get Away with Murder": Law students get entangled in murder mysteries. 3. "Damages": A high-stakes legal thriller with twists and turns. 4. "Boston Legal": A witty and charismatic legal drama. 5. "The Practice": Follow a group of passionate attorneys fighting for justice.

2: 6. "Ally McBeal": A quirky lawyer navigates life and love in the legal world. 7. "The Defenders": Two attorneys take on tough cases in this courtroom drama. 8. "The Guardian": A troubled lawyer finds redemption representing children in need. 9. "Matlock": A shrewd defense attorney cracks cases with his sharp wit. 10. "Judging Amy": A juvenile court judge balances her career and family life.

3: 11. "L.A. Law": Follow the lives of a group of lawyers at a prestigious firm. 12. "The Good Fight": A spinoff of "The Good Wife" focusing on lawyers taking on political and social issues. 13. "Perry Mason": A legendary defense attorney solves crimes in this classic series. 14. "The Night Of": A legal thriller following a man accused of murder. 15. "The Lincoln Lawyer": A defense attorney takes on challenging cases in Los Angeles.

4: 16. "For the People": A legal drama focusing on young attorneys in federal court. 17. "The Rainmaker": A young lawyer battles a powerful insurance company. 18. "Goliath": A disgraced lawyer seeks redemption taking on big corporations. 19. "The Closer": A Deputy Chief of Police uses legal tactics to solve crimes. 20. "Rake": A brilliant but self-destructive attorney takes on unconventional cases.

5: 21. "McMillan & Wife": A district attorney and his wife solve crimes together. 22. "The Lincoln Lawyer": A charismatic defense attorney takes on high-profile cases. 23. "Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector": A quadriplegic detective and a rookie cop solve crimes. 24. "Mare of Easttown": A detective investigates a local murder in a small town. 25. "The Trial of the Chicago 7": A courtroom drama based on a true story of political activists.

6: 26. "In the Dark": A blind woman solves crimes with her guide dog. 27. "Your Honor": A judge's moral compass is tested when his son is involved in a hit-and-run. 28. "Big Sky": Private detectives search for missing women in Montana. 29. "The Undoing": A woman's life unravels when her husband is accused of murder. 30. "The Sinner": An investigator delves into the motives behind seemingly random crimes.

7: 31. "The Alienist": Early forensic techniques are used to solve crimes in 1890s New York. 32. "Bosch": A detective pursues justice in Los Angeles. 33. "True Detective": Seasoned detectives investigate grisly murders in this anthology series. 34. "Ozark": A financial planner becomes entangled in criminal activities to save his family. 35. "Breaking Bad": A high school chemistry teacher turns to cooking meth to secure his family's future.

8: 36. "Better Call Saul": A prequel to "Breaking Bad" following the transformation of Jimmy McGill into Saul Goodman. 37. "Fargo": Crimes spiral out of control in this darkly comedic anthology series. 38. "Mindhunter": FBI agents delve into the psychology of serial killers in the 1970s. 39. "Narcos": The rise of drug cartels in Colombia is explored in this gripping series. 40. "The Wire": A gritty portrayal of crime and law enforcement in Baltimore.

9: 41. "Silk": Ambitious barristers navigate the cutthroat world of British law. 42. "Rumpole of the Bailey": A wise and witty defense barrister takes on challenging cases. 43. "North Square": Young barristers juggle personal and professional challenges in a London chambers. 44. "Garrow's Law": A pioneering barrister fights for justice in 18th-century England. 45. "Crown Court": Legal drama featuring criminal trials and personal struggles in the courtroom.