1: 1. Set the Scene: Transform your backyard into a Mediterranean paradise with blue and white decor. 2. Healthy Snacks: Serve mini falafel bites and fresh fruit kebabs for a nutritious twist. 3. DIY Crafts: Make olive leaf crowns and Greek flag bunting for a festive touch.

2: 4. Dance Party: Get the kids moving with traditional Greek dances like the Zorba. 5. Olive Oil Taste Test: Let the kids sample different varieties of olive oil and vote on their favorite. 6. Mediterranean Music: Create a playlist of traditional Greek and Italian songs for a cultural atmosphere.

3: 7. Lemonade Stand: Set up a DIY lemonade stand with fresh squeezed citrus for a refreshing treat. 8. Toga Dress Up: Provide sheets and accessories for a mini toga party photo booth. 9. Greek Mythology Storytime: Share classic tales of gods and heroes from ancient Greece.

4: 10. Outdoor Movie Night: Screen a kid-friendly Mediterranean-themed film under the stars. 11. Olive Oil Painting: Set up a mini art station for kids to paint with olive oil on canvas. 12. Treasure Hunt: Hide Mediterranean-themed treasures around the yard for a fun scavenger hunt.

5: 13. Grape Stomping: Let the kids channel their inner winemakers with a grape stomping activity. 14. Yogurt Parfait Bar: Create a DIY yogurt parfait station with fresh toppings like nuts and honey. 15. Olympic Games: Organize mini sports activities inspired by the ancient Olympics.

6: 16. Mediterranean Storybook: Read children's books set in Mediterranean countries for a literary twist. 17. Olive Wreath Awards: Crown party guests with olive wreaths as party favors. 18. Beach Ball Bouzouki: Play a game of beach ball bouzouki for a fun musical twist.

7: 19. Greek Alphabet Bingo: Play a game of bingo using the Greek alphabet for educational fun. 20. Olive Oil Soap Making: Let the kids create their own olive oil soap to take home as a party favor. 21. Food Art: Have a contest for the best Mediterranean-themed food art creation.

8: 22. Greek Language Lesson: Teach kids basic Greek phrases and words during the party. 23. Olive Tree Planting: Have each guest plant a small olive tree sapling to take home. 24. Make Your Own Pita: Set up a pita bread-making station with a variety of toppings.

9: 25. Mediterranean Costume Contest: Have a contest for the best Mediterranean-themed costume. 26. Olive Oil Beauty Bar: Create a beauty station with DIY olive oil skincare products. 27. Greek Cooking Class: Teach kids how to make simple Mediterranean dishes like Greek salad.