1: 1. Beyoncé - Queen Bey would bring major star power to any project. 2. Drake - His charisma and charm would be a perfect fit. 3. Taylor Swift - The ultimate crossover artist could surprise everyone.

2: 4. Kendrick Lamar - His lyrical prowess would add depth to any scene. 5. Ariana Grande - Her powerhouse vocals would steal the show. 6. Ed Sheeran - His sweet and soulful voice would be a great addition.

3: 7. Rihanna - This fashion and music icon would make a memorable cameo. 8. Justin Bieber - His fan base would love to see him on screen. 9. Lady Gaga - The ultimate entertainer would bring a unique energy.

4: 10. Kanye West - Love him or hate him, Kanye would make waves. 11. Lizzo - This confident and talented artist would shine. 12. The Weeknd - His mysterious persona would add intrigue.

5: 13. Billie Eilish - This young sensation would bring a fresh perspective. 14. Cardi B - Her larger-than-life personality would light up the screen. 15. Post Malone - His laid-back vibes would be a cool addition.

6: 16. Shawn Mendes - This heartthrob would draw in a younger audience. 17. Halsey - Her unique style would make for a memorable cameo. 18. Travis Scott - His high-energy performance would be electric.

7: 19. Dua Lipa - This pop sensation would bring the party. 20. Bruno Mars - His smooth voice and dance moves would be a hit. 21. SZA - Her soulful sound would add depth to any scene.

8: 22. Khalid - This R&B star would bring a cool vibe to the screen. 23. Miley Cyrus - Her versatility would make for an interesting cameo. 24. Harry Styles - His charisma would light up any scene.

9: 25. Selena Gomez - This Disney alum would bring in a diverse fan base. 26. Demi Lovato - Her powerful vocals would be a show-stopper. 27. Nicki Minaj - Her bold personality would make for a memorable cameo.