1: Mediterranean Diet Introduction Discover the benefits of the Mediterranean diet for mom and kids.

2: Greek Salad A refreshing and simple salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, feta cheese, and olive oil.

3: Hummus and Veggie Wraps Spread hummus on a whole wheat wrap, add veggies, and roll it up for a healthy meal.

4: Lemon Garlic Shrimp Marinate shrimp in lemon juice and garlic, then sauté for a delicious protein-packed dish.

5: Caprese Skewers Thread cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil on skewers, drizzle with balsamic glaze for a tasty snack.

6: Chickpea and Avocado Salad Combine chickpeas, diced avocado, cherry tomatoes, lemon juice, and olive oil for a nutrient-packed salad.

7: Pita Pizza Top whole wheat pita bread with marinara, mozzarella, and veggies for a quick and tasty pizza.

8: Watermelon Feta Salad Mix cubed watermelon, feta cheese, mint, and balsamic glaze for a sweet and savory treat.

9: DIY Fruit and Nut Snack Mix Combine almonds, dried fruit, and dark chocolate chips for a wholesome and satisfying snack.