1: 1. "Bird Box" - Sandra Bullock stars in this thriller about a world where looking can be deadly.

2: 2. "Extraction" - Chris Hemsworth stars in this action-packed film about a mercenary on a mission.

3: 3. "The Old Guard" - Charlize Theron leads a group of immortal mercenaries in this action-packed film.

4: 4. "Spenser Confidential" - Mark Wahlberg stars in this crime thriller based on the Spenser novels.

5: 5. "6 Underground" - Ryan Reynolds leads a team of agents seeking to take down a dictator.

6: 6. "The Irishman" - Martin Scorsese directs this crime film starring Robert De Niro and Al Pacino.

7: 7. "Enola Holmes" - Millie Bobby Brown stars as Sherlock Holmes' younger sister in this mystery adventure.

8: 8. "The Kissing Booth 2" - Joey King and Jacob Elordi star in this romantic teen comedy sequel.

9: 9. "The Platform" - This Spanish sci-fi thriller explores social hierarchies in a dystopian society.