1: Curd vs. Yoghurt Learn the key differences between curd and yoghurt.

2: Ingredients Curd is made from full-fat milk, while yoghurt is made from skimmed milk.

3: Cultures The bacteria used to ferment curd and yoghurt differ.

4: Taste Curd is tangy and thicker, while yoghurt is creamy and smooth.

5: Health Benefits Yoghurt is rich in probiotics, while curd aids digestion.

6: Application Curd is used in Indian cuisine, while yoghurt is popular in the West.

7: Nutritional Value Both curd and yoghurt are rich in protein and calcium.

8: Storage Curd can be stored at room temperature, while yoghurt needs refrigeration.

9: Conclusion Understanding the distinctions between curd and yoghurt enhances culinary knowledge.