1: Indulge in a comforting bowl of aromatic Pho Ga, a traditional Vietnamese chicken noodle soup.

2: Savor the rich and spicy flavors of Bun Rieu, a delicious crab and chicken soup with vermicelli noodles.

3: Try the hearty Ga Tan, a nutritious chicken soup cooked with Chinese herbs and dates for a warming effect.

4: Experience the light yet flavorful Canh Ga, a simple Vietnamese chicken soup with fresh herbs and veggies.

5: Fall in love with the tangy and savory Chao Ga, a rice porridge with chicken, ginger, and scallions.

6: Enjoy the vibrant colors and flavors of Canh Mien Ga, a clear broth chicken soup with mushrooms and glass noodles.

7: Delight in the robust spices of Sup Hai San Ga, a Vietnamese seafood and chicken soup bursting with umami goodness.

8: Warm up with the zesty goodness of Canh Ga Kho Qua, a chicken soup with bitter melon and aromatic herbs.

9: Satisfy your cravings with the soul-warming Sup Ga Nau, a fragrant chicken soup simmered with lemongrass and spices.