1: Islam Makhachev praised Khabib Nurmagomedov's composure in the octagon before UFC 302.

2: The lightweight contender highlighted Nurmagomedov's mental toughness in the lead-up to the fight.

3: Makhachev believes Nurmagomedov's ability to stay calm under pressure gave him an edge.

4: The two Dagestani fighters share a close bond and mutual respect inside the cage.

5: Nurmagomedov's mentorship and guidance have been invaluable to Makhachev's career.

6: Makhachev looks up to Nurmagomedov as a role model and aspires to follow in his footsteps.

7: The rising star hopes to emulate Nurmagomedov's success and become a champion in his own right.

8: Makhachev credits Nurmagomedov for teaching him important lessons about sportsmanship and discipline.

9: As Makhachev continues to climb the ranks, he remains grateful for Nurmagomedov's mentorship and friendship.