1: Start with "Yellowstone" for a thrilling introduction to the Dutton family drama.

2: Next, dive into "1883" to learn about the Dutton ancestors and the founding of the ranch.

3: Continue with "6666" to explore the history of another iconic ranch in the Yellowstone universe.

4: Watch "The American West" for a historical look at the real-life events that inspired the series.

5: Follow up with "Y: 1883" to see how the Dutton legacy continues in the prequel series.

6: Check out "Wild West Chronicles" for a deeper dive into the lawless frontier of Yellowstone's world.

7: Experience "National Parks" to see the beauty of the land that the Duttons fight to protect.

8: Discover "Yellowstone: One-Fifty" for a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the hit series.

9: Finish with "Yellowstone: Stories From the Bunkhouse" for exclusive interviews and insights from the cast and crew.