1: Elevate Jiffy cornbread with bacon and cheddar for a savory twist.

2: Add a touch of sweetness with honey and corn kernels to your Jiffy mix.

3: Upgrade your cornbread by mixing in jalapeños and sharp cheddar cheese.

4: Turn your Jiffy mix into mini cornbread muffins for a perfect party appetizer.

5: Create a Mexican-inspired dish by adding green chilies and queso fresco to your cornbread.

6: Mix in creamed corn and top with melted butter for a rich and creamy cornbread.

7: Infuse your cornbread with a pop of color and flavor by adding roasted red peppers.

8: Try a southern twist by stirring in some crumbled sausage and diced green bell peppers.

9: Don't miss out on the delicious combination of cornbread and green onions for a flavorful bite.