1: Elevate your cornbread with mix-ins like jalapenos or cheddar for a spicy kick.

2: Turn Jiffy mix into muffins for a quick and easy on-the-go snack or breakfast option.

3: Add a swirl of honey or maple syrup to your cornbread batter for a touch of sweetness.

4: Mix in cooked and crumbled bacon for a savory and satisfying twist on classic cornbread.

5: Try adding a can of creamed corn to your Jiffy mix for a moist and flavorful cornbread.

6: Create mini cornbread loaves by baking the mix in a muffin tin for individual portions.

7: Turn your cornbread mix into a savory casserole by adding veggies and cheese before baking.

8: Whip up a batch of cornbread waffles by cooking the mix in a waffle iron for a crispy breakfast treat.

9: Don't miss out on transforming your cornbread mix into a delicious and versatile Mexican cornbread – a must-try recipe!