1: UFC 302 Results - Makhachev dominates Poirier with a decisive win.

2: Makhachev's ground game overwhelms Poirier in a dominant performance.

3: Poirier falls short against Makhachev in a one-sided UFC 302 bout.

4: Makhachev's striking and grappling skills shine in victory over Poirier.

5: Poirier unable to withstand Makhachev's relentless attack at UFC 302.

6: Makhachev secures a submission victory over Poirier in UFC 302.

7: Poirier struggles to find an answer for Makhachev's relentless pressure.

8: Makhachev's win over Poirier cements his status as a top contender.

9: UFC 302 Results - Makhachev proves his dominance with a win over Poirier.